Land Workers Alliance Southeast Region Gathering

The People’s Land Policy were invited to do a workshop at the Land Workers’ Alliance southeast region summer gathering. It was a great opportunity to hear about the concerns of land workers who are passionate about growing good quality food for everyone.

They face numerous problems including lack of access to land at a price they can afford, insecure tenancies, long hours for little financial reward and the general frustration of trying to do something useful which is not valued by the current society. They are also concerned about the lack of awareness of food, farming and the natural environment on the part of urban dwellers. They are very keen to make more links with people in the cities. They would like to see more young people move to the countryside and take up farming.

Their main policy goals are to make it easier to gain access to land by challenging unequal land ownership and making tenancies more secure. They want to see more government and public support for their small-scale alternative to industrial agriculture. They would like to promote a more co-operative model of land management, one that also takes into account biodiversity and climate change.

Many do not have the goal of actually owning their own land. Instead, they wanted ‘land I can belong to’, land that they can care for and grow a worthwhile product that is valued by society.

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