Communities vs Coal

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From the Coal Action Network, one of the speakers at Land, Communities and the Ecological Crisis: The impact of mining.

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Together, we stopped a coal expansion in the Pont Valley, Durham UK. Now let’s help tell the story.

Support ‘Finite’: A documentary about communities vs coal

Finite is an immersive feature-length documentary following frontline communities in conflict with opencast coal mines and the forces behind them.

Featuring an intimate portrayal of the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley of over two and half years, the story of the fight against Banks Group in County Durham will finally be told. While in Germany, activists risk their lives to defend the 12,000 year old Hambach Forest from being obliterated by Europe’s biggest coal mine. Communities fighting coal on the front lines don’t have the same access to the media as coal companies, and don’t often get to tell their own stories.

Please support the crowdfunder to help make it happen!

June Davison from Pont Valley, County Durham said “We lost so much in our campaign against opencast mining, but we also gained so much. We showed what communities can achieve when we work together and fight back, and now our campaign is now part of a global movement. Our story in Finite can inspire other people to stand up against power and stop needless destruction like we have endured. We need change now more than ever.”

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