our wild future: panel discussions organised by the john muir trust

The People’s Land Policy hosted a seminar series during the summer- Land, the Ecological Crisis and Communities (see youtube videos for complete recording: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfxBrPbin70gE2VgKek4u-w).

One of the seminars was led by Mike Daniels of the John Muir Trust and was very well received This is the report we wrote for the JMT on the event: https://www.johnmuirtrust.org/latest/news/1999-protecting-wild-land-and-empowering-communities

The JMT is based in Scotland (though increasing with properties in other parts of Britain) and has extensive experience of managing land for both environmental and community objectives.

They are hosting a series of panel discussions which look very interesting and cover some of the key issues we are working on in the People’s Land Policy. They are: Wildness for All (November 25th), focusing on access issues, and Community and Conservation (Dec 9th). For more information see: https://www.johnmuirtrust.org/latest/events/our-wild-future

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