New Seminar series Land and Food: social justice and ecological responsibility

Land and Food: Social Justice and Ecological Responsibility

The People’s Land Policy is holding a series of four seminars to discuss what needs to be done in order to achieve a food and agricultural system which produces healthy food for all and facilitates environmental objectives such as reducing CO2 emissions and restoring ecosystems. With Brexit and the new Agricultural Act, it is crucial that we all understand the issues. Food is a basic necessity, with many people not having food security. And, agriculture takes up over 70% of land in the UK. For these reasons, how we organise agricultural production affects us all and is interlinked closely with environmental and social issues.

Each seminar will have a panel of speakers and opportunity to ask questions and discuss and will start at 7 pm. Please click on the Eventbrite link for more details.

The seminars are:

February 9th: 7 pm

Post-Brexit Agriculture: What are the implications for farmers, food justice and the environment?  Register:

February 23th: 7 pm

Land and Agriculture in the UK   Register:

March 9th: 7pm

Urban growing and peri-urban farming Register:

March 23rd: 7 pm

UK’s Role in the Global Food Justice Movement Register:


  1. I am interested in these seminars but cannot be present on the dates they are held. Will you be recording them so I can watch them later please and, if so, where can I find them? Thanks, Hilary Hebron


  2. Hi, what a great topic! I am registered for parts 2-4 but part 1 goot fully booked up. Is there any recording, notes or slides for the seminar series for those who could not join and for reference?


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