How do we solve the housing crisis in a climate emergency? Public Meeting

The Radical Housing network is hosting this meeting at 7pm on Monday 12th of July on Zoom.

Register in advance for this meeting:

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At recent meetings we’ve discussed initiating a Housing Charter of key demands to deal with the housing crisis, in opposition to the governments damaging plans for ‘reforming’ the planning system. 

To develop the charter we will be hosting a workshop on how to address the housing crisis in the context of the climate emergency. We will look at the perceived conflicting interests between housing and environmental campaigners over issues such as new build developments and green spaces. Do we really need to build more houses to meet housing need? Are environmental campaigners ignoring working class concerns? 

Can we formulate demands that address both the housing and the environmental crises together? 

We have invited a number of people to lead off the discussion, including members of the Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) and Action on Empty Homes as well as academic experts Prof. Paul Watt, author of Estate Regeneration and its Discontents, and Dr Rex McKenzie, an economist doing research in the area of wealth and housing inequality. We will also have Sabine Mairey, a reluctant expert on the impact of construction on biodiversity due to her campaigning work to stop the demolition of her estate.

We are inviting anyone from the housing and environmental movements to join us for this workshop, to learn from each other and help build a stronger movement going forward together.

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