Building a Movement for Land Justice: Seminar on Monday November 22nd, 7 pm

This seminar is in many ways the most important of all our seminars. Whether you are involved in environment, food, or housing struggles, the key issue is how to build an effective movement for systemic change.


  • Speakers:

Thiago Ávila, one of the founders of the Movimento Bem Viver, an ecosocialist initiative based in Brazil. They organize collective work to regenerate forest through agroforestry techniques, fighting agribusiness and showing a different way of producing while regenerating, develop communitary projects at the suburbs of big cities and participate on the defense of indigenous and quilombola communities in the Amazon, Cerrado (savannah) and other biomes.

Social network of the movement:

Thiago´s Instagram:

Thiago´s Youtube Channel:

Kate Swade from Shared Assets. Shared Assets has been at the forefront of building a movement for land justice. They helped organise the Land for What conference and have recently undertaken a project on how to build a land justice movement.

Kerima Mohideen from the London Mining Network which works in solidarity with communities harmed or threatened with harm by the activities of large mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and its subsidiary, the Alternative Investment Market.  LMN is made up of a disparate group of people with different political views and different religious beliefs (and none) who work together in formal and informal networks. We are united by our shared commitment to challenging and calling the mining industry to account, sometimes with a degree of success that takes even us by surprise given how small we are. How do we do this? Come and find out!

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