Community-led Recovery Plan for London launched this week by Just Space

Just Space is a network of grass roots community organisations which has worked hard over the years to develop community-led plans that challenge the current top-down planning system in which development interests hold sway. Instead, they promote a planning process that involves a diverse range of groups and individuals, putting the interest of communities above profit. They produced an Alternative London Plan in 2016 and this April (2022) have finished work on a post-Covid Recovery Plan. If we want to transform the way land is used, both in urban areas and the countryside, then communities need to be at the heart of the process.

Some of the key themes of the recovery plan include the importance of creating caring communities, in which connection to a particular place can be maintained and enhanced, through quality, truly affordable housing, decarbonised transport, and a healthy and biodiverse environment. In addition, equality and racial justice are central features of the plan.

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