Brewdog: Sham of the ‘green’ landowner

The PLP has been very interested to monitor the implications of the creation of a market in carbon as well as the influx of public money into facilitating land use changes to support the environment. As we argued at the panel on Green Investment at this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference, there are many problematic issues with the current policies. Do the policies actually work to acheive the environmental goals of addressing climate change and the loss of biodiversity? What about social justice issues? Are the new landowners any more likely to engage the community or offer public benefits? Or is it all about profits for themselves? This relates to our last post about the limits of private ownership.

Brewdog is one of the key examples of the new ‘green’ landowner. Here is the latest from the Cairngorms- where they have bought an estate.

For a more in-depth critique of the green landowners see:

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