Land and the Ecological Crisis


March 28th: 12:00- 5:30

Workshop organised by the People’s Land Policy and the London Mining Network

New Economics Foundation: 10 Salamanca Pl, Lambeth, London SE1 7HB

The way we use land lies at the bottom of the ecological crisis. Human impact has now spread to all parts of the globe. We need to seriously rethink how we use land so that it contributes to the well-being of both the planet and people rather than our destruction. This conference will look at two important land use issues: mining and the loss of biodiversity and wild land.

Mining and release of fossil fuels is one of the major causes of climate change. In addition, the new green technology requires a number of minerals whose supply is limited. Mining also has a serious impact on local communities as the western countries and their corporations turn to the global South to satisfy their insatiable demand for resources and profits.

Land is primarily used to meet the needs of humans. This has meant that other species lose their habitats, with many already extinct. This process has accelerated in recent decades to the point that there is a crisis not only for other species but for ourselves. We ask the question: what role for nature? To what extent should we be reducing human impact and letting the rest of nature flourish? What changes in land use are necessary to address climate change, safeguard biodiversity and still ensure a good quality of life for all?


12:00- Registration and lunch- bring food to share (coffee and tea available)

12:50- Introduction to People’s Land Policy and London Mining Network

1:00: Mining, Land and Community- led by the London Mining Network ( and Coal Action Network (

3:00: Land and nature

Speakers: Woodland Trust and Friends of the Earth

4:30- Developing the People’s Land Policy


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