Protecting wild land and empowering communities through land management: lessons from Scotland

Our second seminar on August 4th, 7 pm, will be led by Mike Daniels, the head of policy and land management of the John Muir Trust (JMT). The JMT is based in Scotland and has purchased a number of key properties which it manages with the aim of conserving and promoting wild land. However, their unique approach is founded within engagement in partnerships with other organisations, addressing policy on issues such as wind farms and land reform, while working closely with communities to ensure that conservation efforts enhance rather than alienate communities. Mike will focus on two developing projects: Langholm Estate in southern Scotland where the community is working on buying this former grouse moor with the aim of managing it for conservation and rewilding. He will also discuss the Yearnstane project close to Glasgow which involves large urban communities fringing a wild land area.

Yearnstane Project

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