Update on People’s Land Policy

The People’s Land policy is a project that emerged from the Land Justice Network’s policy working group. We see ourselves as one part of the land justice movement and are keen to work with others. Our aim is to develop ideas for land reform based on what people involved in a variety of land-related campaigns and organisations (housing, food, environment, community) think would help them in their struggles. In this way a manifesto for change would come from people themselves and would hopefully contribute to building a mass movement for land justice.

Prior to the pandemic we held a variety of workshops and put together a first draft of the People’s Land Policy. During the pandemic we decided to hold seminar series on zoom as a way of bringing together people to discuss ideas on topics that needed more development. 

Series One: Land, communities and the ecological crisis

  • Climate change and the ecological crisis: land use in the UK
  • Protecting wild land and empowering communities through land management: lessons from Scotland
  • Exporting the problem: international mining and its colonial legacy

Series Two: Land and Food- social justice and ecological responsibility

  • Post-Brexit Agriculture: What are the implications for farmers, food justice and the environment?
  • Land and Farming in the UK
  • Food in the City: Urban Growing and Peri-urban farming
  • The UK and the Global Food Justice Movement

Series Three: Land Justice: By the People and for the People

  • Participatory Democracy (PD) in Theory and Practice
  • Participatory Democracy in the UK
  • Making Participatory Democracy a Reality: Building a Movement

We had many excellent speakers and hundreds of people participated in one or more of the seminars. People found the sessions not just extremely informative but also inspiring in terms of what we can do to achieve land justice. All the session have been recorded- (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqxwGNXXGhU) and we have also produced reports and new material for the People’s Land Policy on the basis of what we learned. This can all be seen on our website: www.peopleslandpolicy.org.

Currently we are working on a number of projects.

  • Consolidating all the resources acquired during the seminar series, including all the organisations and campaigns involved in some aspect of land issues.
  • Updating the PLP based on what we learned.
  • Working on mini-manifestos in different key areas that would be more accessible than the full document. The idea would be to get support for these, providing a basis for campaigns to develop.
  • Working with Shared Assets and others to bring land campaigners together in a Shared Learning Space.
  • Developing the idea of local land assemblies which emerged from the seminar series as well as from a talk we gave at the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

Get in touch! Get involved!  Contact peopleslandpolicy@gmail.com.

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